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Lancome perfume has six series: bright perfume series, the series of miracle perfume series, precious perfume, dream the charm perfume series, the charm man perfume series, miracle man perfume series. 
Have a special liking to fragrance inspiration to those Petitjean began a brilliant step: in 1935, he began his launched from five famous perfume brand lancome. Good arrogance, yes indeed, but as long as see Amanda petit is Francois Coty school graduates, is the "father" of costly perfume in the 20th century, everything became taken for granted. 
Later, lancome introduced Oceane product series (1955), the product Cheap ugg
Still in use: the concept of the formula contains very pure seaweed, supplemented by algae and markup elements. These innovations to a large extent thanks to "techniciennes", namely those who graduated from the school of lancome and lancome brand to women technical personnel's efforts around the world. 
Lancome Climat essence of classical atmosphere 
Lancome Magie classic black magic essence 
Lancome Sagamore classic male fragrance 
Lancome Sikkim classic rose essence 
Lancome Bengha travel lady perfume 
Bright perfume 
Love limited edition of 2010 
A classic sweet atmosphere, like eternal love story meaningful. Launched in 1990, Lancome (Lancome) precious moments breath the unique fragrance of this expression ─ ─ Tresor bright, a very special and never forget the Oriental flower fragrance, not only cause the global beauty market sense of smell revolution, also became full of legendary senior representatives of sweet atmosphere, successive representatives such as well-known international actress Isabella in the 80 s. Rossellini, to modern gold medal winner Kate Kate Elizabeth winslet, perfect series of touching precious moment. 
In 2010, Lancome (Lancome) to convey a new sweet atmosphere of the story "bright perfume love Version (Tresor in Love) ": a bud of Love, in Paris with the fruity floral fusion full of vigor and vitality of quietly elegant, exquisite and explanation of today's young women Love mood, with modern women seek romantic spirit of freedom. Invite bright perfume classic spokesperson. Isabella rossellini's daughter ─ ─ the Teresa (Elettra WIEDEMANN) as a new MiaoSi goddess, images to show "Love bright perfume limited edition (Tresor in Love)" represents the female heroine in the heart needs to have features: regardless of homosexual or heterosexual Love, without oppressive feeling natural women, she, young elegant qualities, is the key to the irresistible. She with nifty and graceful and restrained, sending out the charm, with thoughts to titillate men, with charm to conquer men, and clever use of women's gentle temperament, become an obsession MiaoSi goddess! "Bright perfume Love full of fashion sense of streamline limited edition (Tresor in Love)" the bottle, like a desirable for treasures, and the snare is the essence of all modern fashionable element, and send out the breath of fashion. Mellow, arc to draw a long line of bottle with a brand new exquisite fashion style, original "bright" (Tresor) sweet atmosphere to deduce arc shape of the bottle. Continue to use the "bright" (Tresor) unique design of the contemporary essential sweet atmosphere, is since 1952 as a senior French sweet atmosphere on behalf of, the original sweet atmosphere of legendary status for design inspiration, and carefully seal, with exquisite craftsmanship present a combination of traditional spirit and modern charm. 
Decorated as a black ribbon is lucky hand rose, for "bright perfume Love limited edition (Tresor in Love)" add a moving charm. Handmade lace roses, to make every bottle of perfume "bright Love limited edition (Tresor in Love)" to be unique, desirable treasures. From the bottle can be a look at the pink sweet atmosphere of bright color, like the courses and red cheeks, exquisite and explanation of modern young women in love mood. UGG boots outlet
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