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Resist the pressures of time and reverse time to return to the youth, is every woman heart's desire. But open women never stop aging war is essence of science and technology in living cells authors La Prairie. Cheap ugg
The clock to 1930, the famous Swiss authority surgeon Paul Niehans (1882-1971), long-term commitment to research in the field of anti-aging, finally the Clarens - Montreux, Switzerland, opened its first based on anti-aging health center - Clinique La Prairie. Had the doctor living cells extracted from sheep embryos, and then do work for human body cell injections, was the father of Swiss cell activation treatment, Switzerland today's achievements in the technology's leadership in the medical community. As a true dreamer, professor lenihan, use of science and technology of the 20th century, the dream of looking for the same as the ancient egyptians and babylonians, living cells treatment to improve the function of human organs, pioneer the difference is that those who are looking for is a fountain of youth, and his goal is more realistic for people to live longer. 
At the same time improve the quality of people's lives. Lenihan, professor of live cell therapy brings youth at the same time, the anti-aging miracles also rapidly around the world, to attract people to professor han - Clinique La Prairie, is located in the beautiful scenery of the residents of lake Geneva. As the king of Prussia, Frederick Wilhelm iii's descendants, professor han with European royalty and socialites are personal, not only European royal aristocrats, aristocratic ladies, come from all over the world of prominent businessman, or even a Pope, have been in Clinique La Prairie enjoyed delay time elapse of amazing curative effect. 
Clinique La Prairie of live cell therapy focusing on the use of biomedical technology, resistance to natural aging process. Clinique La Prairie doctors found that people in the name of the treatment, hope there are products that can help them better at the same time keep skin youthful, La Prairie skin care series, 1978 research institute of maintain article has launched the first living cells. Product launch fundamental changes in the beauty industry, people finally can effectively control the ageing of skin. 

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