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Hr rubinstein setting colour mascara mascara Cheap ugg
In 1964, Mrs Rubinstein personally design HR rubinstein setting colour mascara, shaping HR rubinstein mascara classic handed down from ancient times. 
Unique design: straight pipe modelling design, combined with thread brush head, simple, bold, fashion, unique in the history of the mascara classic! 
Efficacy: clever thread brush head design, easy besmear to brush to the eyelashes, long your eyelash at the same time, with root trenchant root shape bright and charming eyes. 
HR rubinstein pile waterproof mascara 
Your eyelash as thick as the top fur and long, roll become warped, waterproof and durable, filar silk is lightsome, submissive, texture luster and elasticity, reveal elegant, sexy enchanting charming elegant temperament. After shading and waterproof test, pile waterproof mascara to make sure every besmear to brush, eyelash is still continuing 
Rich and growth; Makeup for 24 hours and make the eyes of infinite charm withstand environmental persistence test. After professional eye test, suitable for eye allergies and contact lens wearer. 
HR rubinstein feather arts mascara 
A unique "antigravity" eyelash creams, the manual design, limited. Designed for those who have a passion for light beauty ciliary women design, build, such as air, clever and elegant beautiful eyelash. Technology: the latest patent "feather" brush a head to eyelash acme jing: two flat brush the wonderful combination of rich eyelash instantly, 2 class divided each eyelash brush head precise drawing. Each eyelash covered by precise and logical, long roll become warped, was as light as feather, create a large and beautiful bright eyes, the eyes reveal cannot resist the charm of feminine and elegant and delicate. Packing: feather arts mascara packaging design from France's oldest famous college of art and design - L 'ECOLE PENNINGHEN interior architecture and art design college of Paris three perfect design of stand out. The college by the French famous painter Rodolphe Juilian was founded in 1868, the last century has created many famous designers and artists, known as the "cradle" of the world's top creative talents, now is active in all the design industry elite many around the world famous universities from the stick to hand-painted. Brown black three colors: 201 "temptation", 101 "black", 301 "Ming yan gray black" HR rubinstein socialite mascara UGG boots outlet
Astonishing roll become warped, thick, unique patented formula, unique brush roll become warped head system perfect collocation, make eyelash instantly smooth, durable roll become warped, reveal luxurious exquisite. Resistance to grease, prevent shading. Free bending extended brush head of the beautiful arc, this mascara can show the effect of lasting any radian curve eyelash. "Socialite eyelash to cream" for its unique spin thick lashes with arbitrary phase between the design of the arc on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the brand. In order to achieve the above effect, mascara fusion of two special wax (la and ductibility la hardness, like bees and spurge wax, wax add composite polymer, and can keep the mascara lasting and waterproof), to a certain extent, the application of the brush head, special material to a specific Angle radian, special can comb eyelash brush edge. All of these constitute the mascara in outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology, the contribution of science and technology for innovation and rubinstein brand unique charm. There are three colors to choose from. 
HR rubinstein cheetah waterproof mascara 
Classic HR rubinstein cheetah waterproof mascara, inspired by the most exotic top leather, build a global model of costly glamour eternity! Technology: innovation patent formula, make the cheetah eyelash to cream to thick, long, roll become warped eyelash, waterproof four effect syncretic. Efficacy: make eyelash as thick as the top fur and long, roll become warped, texture luster and elasticity, reveal elegant, sexy enchanting charming elegant temperament. 
HR rubinstein dream roll become warped eyelash to cream 
HR rubinstein minimalist classical mascara, remove all contracted design heavy and complicated, return eyelash to cream first classic elegant! Long and thin brush head make delicate lashes, professional technology and flawless makeup, make eyelash long, delicate, elegance, charm! Queen of mascara HR rubinstein in September 2011 at present! UGG classic short
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