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A master international perfume industry, Mr Pierre guerlain is a unique status in the whole Europe at the time, is to use his perfume celebrity alone, including the queen, queen Victoria and also the queen when she can't make people forget the Austria. Cheap ugg
In 1828, when the young Pierre guerlain back from the well, and in French perfume shop, probably never thought, his family will because the smell of colorless invisible in the next century and a half, become the pronoun of the eternal fragrance, faint scent. 
Pierre guerlain is a talented artist, was born in Paris. His early to go to England study chemistry, well returned to France, after living in Paris. In 1828, as he of the doctors and pharmacists in line with affection for the perfume and unremitting pursuit of fine quality, after repeated experiments and the bold attempt of many sided, finally opened a perfume store in Paris. Initially, guerlain perfume shop sell mostly imported from British fashion. Perhaps is the fate, maybe it's just a coincidence, medical background provides the realistic way to play the inspiration for him, Pierre guerlain began to perfumes. The perfume of the young, in a corner of the small factory, invented a lot of new varieties of perfume, so originally emptily filled with inspiration, began to drop by drop condensation in the bottle, "liquid diamond" piles. 
Pierre guerlain inspiration often comes from a beautiful and unforgettable characters, there are also customers dedicated invites him to allocate the special scent of a woman, one party. Since 1830 he tried putting his perfume products personalized, making for a particular person or situation. In Pierre guerlain founded at the beginning of his business, he is famous for perfume for customers from different personality. Guerlain was one of the most famous customers are big literary giant Balzac, but that's all well enough to explain guerlain perfume in France and Europe in the history of the status. 
Paris is about to rebuild at that time, a boulevard will soon appear in front of people, and guerlain soon set up offices in the new pass avenue, and opened a factory. In love's two sons and gabriel, with the help of his brand gradually established a good reputation, has been Belgian royal permission to give the queen. In 1853, Pierre guerlain personally developed product. 
"Royal sweet dew" napoleon's bee logo on the bottle, therefore got the queen's favor, Pierre guerlain has been designated as a royal perfume. 
As early as the perfume of few people know how to develop the market and make it as to the development of the industry, Mr Pierre guerlain has full engagement to the market. In 1870, Pierre guerlain joined Pierre cardin design office, start my own business and become a prolific and inspired designers. In 1876, he began to personally issued clothing series, with hard work and soon topped the world's top designers to the throne. "My passion is to do about the work of the body, I create the second floor of the inner skin to show." It's the source of inspired him to create and motivation. He designed the perfume series full of personal style, hot and sexy. Is the most interesting of the master used the men's and women's body contour, as a perfume bottle design concept, reflects his unique way of thinking. 
Guerlain is a veritable family perfume, Pierre guerlain founded a family business, and his son's love and gabriel will cause more carry forward the genius. Died in 1884, Pierre guerlain, adhering to the eldest son of the father's love took over the company guerlain, he launched a series of new perfume continuously, rapidly solidified guerlain in perfume industry status, thus laid a solid foundation for guerlain extraordinary achievement. In 1900, guerlain family business to the third generation, gabriel's two sons to become successors: Pete manages, Jacques focus. For such a long history of the company, the biggest challenge is how to grasp the traditional resources, and the innovative spirit the balance between the two, in do not break under the premise of both style, create and lead the future trend. Jacques shoulder the heavy and difficult mission of carry weight, driving the guerlain company to continue moving forward, to become master of perfume industry in the 20th century no one answers. Jacques look lush, quiet, have natural aversion to occasion, unlike other master, he is at home in the mixing process of perfume, not in the factory's lab. Two brothers to work together, and ultimately laid the guerlain's leadership in the field of perfume. UGG boots outlet
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