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With the flowing of the piano and graceful ballet dance, the BMW 7 series of steinway global limited edition finally uncovered the mysterious veil, keep to meet Chinese consumers. 
On sale in China in the new BMW 7 series steinway global edition of set limit to carry two engines, the new BMW 760 li steinway global limited edition is priced at RMB 3.198 million yuan, the new BMW 740 li steinway global limited edition price is RMB 1.798 million, spread of 1.4 million. Cheap ugg
BMW 7 series steinway global limited edition by BMW Individual meticulously, the place of detail by pure manual BMW 740 li steinway global limited edition 
Production, production only two per week, extremely has the collection value. China is the world's third largest market, BMW group is the first big market, BMW 7 series and the BMW 7 series has been the top luxury cars in China led the vanguard. In return for customers in China for the BMW brand and BMW 7 series of love and support, although the BMW 7 series steinway limited edition is very rare in the world, BMW China will try our best to meet the needs of customers in China. 
BMW (China) automobile trade co., LTD., President of Mr Ivan koh said: "the new BMW 7 series steinway global limited edition is BMW and steinway two pieces of top brands to create can be moved as a model of the combination of technology and art. By color art design, luxurious interiors and body expressed two long brand history, tradition, value, glory, and the common pursuit of perfection." 
Steinway, vice President, steinway piano (Shanghai) co., LTD., chairman of Werner Mr Hussman says working with BMW has special significance. He said: "steinway and BMW have much in common, are top brands with a long history, in the spirit of innovation and perfect quality has made remarkable achievements in their respective fields. Deep friendship between BMW and steinway, and sincere cooperation between the two sides will bring more high-quality goods and masterpiece." 
As automotive and piano world top brands and outstanding representative, BMW and steinway in history known as the cooperation. Two major product BMW 760 lli steinway global limited edition 
CARDS are guru Karl had influenced the favour of unabashed Lagerfeld. In 1992, Mr Unabashed Lagerfeld, hand in hand with BMW Individual character edition models for BMW 7 series. After 11 years, the 150th anniversary of the launch of the steinway steinway company invited Mr Unabashed Lagerfeld designed a limited-edition piano, 150 sets of global limited. BMW designers Goertz 507 also had their own, creating steinway Hamburg 125 anniversary edition of the piano, with excellent design language vivid interpretation of the commonality between clever, movement and the harp. UGG boots outlet
The BMW 7 series steinway global limited edition USES the world's top technology and fine material. The luxury sedan after three layer metallic paint manual polishing, appearance quality can be comparable to steinway piano lacquer face, the whole process will take at least 35 hours before completion. BMW personalized highlights the shadow line and 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels make the vehicle to enhance the texture. 
Interior with black and white contrast color rendering, in order to increase carry bright effect. Before and after the seat, instrument panel, instrument panel, door plank parts adopt contrast stitching 'Merino' white gold entirely leather, create a noble, luxurious interior space. Details about the highlights and steinway relations of cooperation, such as: seat headrest and seat cushion for leaning on on sewing steinway golden harp, steinway harp logo on iDrive button, and the car tail the steinway on the chrome trim. Unique BMW character version of the theater audio system is one of the biggest highlights of the limited edition. Contains the Dirac Live 10 channels of science and technology, the 18 speakers and audio systems, ensure the car anywhere can enjoy the perfect sound quality, as if place oneself in the royal theater to enjoy a steinway's concert. 
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