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1, the key to the purchase of shoes is comfortable and fit, do not only focus on color and brand. Good sneakers prevent the generation of blisters under the feet and prevent the feet from slipping inside the shoes. 2, to check the results of the sports shoes, to know the results of the anti-slip results of sports shoes, shock absorption results and immutability. Slippers with good sneakers can increase friction and prevent slipping chances; shoes with good damper function can slow the attack of external forces on the feet; the unchanging shoes can cover the ankles. 3, pay attention to the breathable and anti-bacterial and deodorizing functions of sports shoes. The breathable shoes can make the sweat of the feet agile, and the risk of bacterial and fungal infection in the feet. When purchasing sports shoes with nano antibacterial and deodorant properties, it is necessary to look for a test report or a patent certificate to avoid being deceived. For those who like ball sports, the upper is best to choose the leather surface, because of its strength and stability. 4. When purchasing sports shoes, wear socks and test shoes that communicate with you during exercise. The space at the front of the toes reserves space, which can stop the feet from being bruised and red and swollen, and regulate the moisture of the feet to make the feet dry. It is best to try on both feet, because the size of the feet of most people is different. 5, the insole can be removed and washed, in order to guarantee the hygiene inside the shoe. The insole is the layer closest to the foot that slows the attack on the sole and delays the life of the shoe. 6, the laces are made of knit, plastic, easy to tie. It is best to use the shoelace in the position of the hub, such as permission to make the hub have better support. 7. Look at whether the tongue can be secure. Because it is easy to twist the tongue during exercise and stimulate discomfort, the material of the tongue needs to be soft and breathable. 8, the foot type should also be considered. The average person's foot has three examples of low or flat arch, normal arch and high arch. People with flat arches should choose a pair of shoes with a hard back and strong support; those with high arches should choose shoes with strong shock absorption and heel.Cheap Nikes

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