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The most famous four advisers in history, Zhuge Liang did not appear on the list, the first one is not satisfied!Air Max 2020
Guo Jia, Guo Jia is 21 years younger than Cao Cao, but he seems to know Cao Cao's grand vision. When Cao Cao asked Guo Jia about the situation in the world, Guo Jia wrote a key point and suggested that Cao Cao should eliminate Lu Bu by Yuan Shao when he attacked Gongsun. This will not only enable Cao Jun to expand his strength, but also avoid the threat of Cao Jun from the flanks when Cao Yuan’s decisive battle. Guo Jiaming's thorough analysis made Cao Cao see the bright future. Guo Jia was the official of Cao Cao's military service, military offerings, and made suggestions for Cao Cao's four-party campaign. Guan Zhong is a famous economist, philosopher, politician and military strategist in ancient China. Known as "the pioneer of the Legalist", "the teacher of the saint", "the protector of the Chinese civilization", "the first phase of the Spring and Autumn." Under the support of one hand, Qi State became the hegemon of the Spring and Autumn Period. The ingenuity of his talents has made Zhuge Liang, the famous name of Shu Han, admire him, and he often compares himself with Guan Zhong. Later generations have compiled their related works, the name "Pipe". Su Qin, a student of Guiguzi. In the early years, he went to lobby for Qin’s rejection, and finally he lost his embarrassment and returned home. After returning home, Su Qin’s nephew felt that Su Qin was not doing business, and he did not have a good face all the time. Su Qin’s indignation was strong, and he was able to read the world’s famous books and travel to the countries again. In the end, Su Qin proposed the anti-Qin strategy of the vertical and horizontal links, and hanged the six countries to return. After Su Qin’s parents heard about it, he went to meet him 30 miles away. His nephew even climbed to Su Qin and kept bowing thanks. Guiguzi, Wang Hao is the name of Guiguzi, but no one knows his name. He is a famous thinker in the Warring States. He is the originator of the squad, and this is awesome. He is well versed in his studies. However, like Mr. Shui Jing of the Three Kingdoms, he lived in seclusion for a long time and did not ask the world. But the world knows that his wisdom is outstanding. Therefore, after two thousand years, he was respected by various families, and the names of various ancestors and ancestors. No., it is used to say his, so he is the first deserved name.Nike Air Max 2019
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