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On November 10th, Beijing time, the Thunder defeated the Warriors 114-108 at home.Nike Air Max 2019
Thunder (4-5) refused to be greatly reversed. Danilo Gallinari 19 points, Stephen Adams 13 points and 8 rebounds, Shay Giljes - Alexander 12 points, Chris Paul 16 points and 9 assists. Dennis Schroeder came off the bench with 18 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists.
The Warriors (2-8) completed the lead after falling behind by 20 points, but they still suffered a loss and suffered a three-game losing streak. De Angelo Russell scored 30 points and 7 assists, Alec Bacchus 23 points and Glen Robinson 18 points.
The Warriors fight back to back. Russell returned yesterday and scored 52 points, but the Warriors still lost to the Timberwolves in overtime.
In the face of the Thunder, the Warriors are no strangers, this is the second time this season. The last time the meeting was won, the Warriors defeated 92-120.
The current Warriors are not too demanding on the record, but give the main force enough time to recuperate. "We have a young team and they still have a lot to learn," coach Steve Kerr said.
The Thunder are not young, and their lineup has been reorganized. Gallinari did a good job, and center Adams also came back, and they gradually found their place.
The two teams held half a quarter of their time. When the first quarter was over halfway, the Warriors were only 13-14 behind. Paul also scored a goal, and then they grabbed the ball. Diallo dunked in the fast break and the Thunder scored 6 points to open the gap. This warrior, the defensive ability is too bad, behind the first quarter after 27-36. Not only the defense is poor, the second quarter of the Warriors themselves scored problems. The gap between the two sides gradually opened. When there were 7 minutes and 18 seconds in this section, Bezley hit a three-pointer and the Thunder took the lead with 49-31. The Warriors failed to score in the past 3 minutes, and the gap between the two sides reached 20 points or more. At the end of the half, the Warriors trailed 43-60.
In the first half, the Thunder hit 54.5% and the 3-pointer made 18 of 18 shots. Adams scored 10 points. The team of 10 people played, all scored.
The Warriors only shot 41% from the field and made 2 of 11 3-pointers. Russell 13 points, Bacchus 11 points. Pascal was absent, and they could only send nine people to play. In the third quarter, the Warriors suddenly became the team that won the championship. Under the leadership of Russell, they fought back. Russell hit a three-pointer in the buzzer, and the Warriors chased the score 84-84. The single-handed Warriors scored 41 points, and Russell scored 17 points in this quarter.
Shortly after the start of the fourth quarter, Cowley Stein made a layup and the Warriors exceeded 88-86, which was their first lead in the game.Air Max 2020
The Thunder was not willing to be turned over. Paul also scored a goal and then sent an assist. Muskala hit a three-pointer. They played a 20-4 attack wave. In the minute of this quarter, Diallo hit a three-pointer and the Thunder took 106. -92 lead.
Although the Warriors climbed from the crater that was 20 points behind, they were too late to pant, and they were attacked by the Thunder and hit the pit. After Russell was double-teamed, he didn't have a good chance to score. He scored in the last 20 seconds of this section.
Despite this, the Warriors still did not give up, Robinson hit a three-pointer when the game had 1 minute and 30 seconds. After they scored 7 points, they scored 103-108.
Russell finally scored a goal in 17.7 seconds in this quarter, chasing the score 108-112, but it was too late, Paul made two free throws, and the Thunder still sealed the victory.Cheap Nikes
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