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In fashion, successful legend never stop to rest, the hand of time in the Hermes (Hermes) that reputation in the workshop, the wearer of a beautiful meaningful scarves, Hermes scarves, the king of the country, unique, unchallenged, other brands, no matter how to try, result in vain, Hermes always holds the rules of the game, like Burberry Burberry trench coat and Chanel (Chanel) suits, Hermes scarves legend of the same fashion. UGG classic short
Hermes scarves 
Hermes scarves 
In 1937, inspired by jockey coat the first birth of hermes scarves, called: ms with bus (Jeu des Omnibus et des Dames Blanches). Since then, hermes launched 12 designs each year, has been more than 100 styles of scarves to present in front of the world. Many classic design, such as the Ex - ibris, Brides DE Gala, after to match colors is still popular, enduring. Each silk scarf through layer upon layer toll-gate, take 18 months to birth. 
Due to the material and processing in different ways, hermes scarves than ordinary silk scarf tightly, tenacity, and therefore have to wear after not easy deformation, etc. In addition to the basic material of silk, cashmere, otherwise ruffle silk scarves, etc. Hermes love theme design, let a small silk scarves, vivid stories of the boundless universe, hermes, another legend. 
The birth of hermes scarves, brings together the myriad delicate unsurpassed technology: in Lyon, France area for producing base, the designer's design is made according to the different color the same number of colors is steel net; After a lot of color, the color of the finished silk scarves supplement; After screen printing silk color; Again after cleaning, steam and dry and other solid color process, skilled craftsmen make artificial edge, and quality inspection for silk scarves, and cuddly hermes scarves can come out. 
In 1951, the fourth generation family heir Robert Dumas become leaders of hermes, is actively developing silk scarves products. Issued each year two series, one of the new design style, also have the original style to match colors, all with a unique color. Meticulous line, classical and elegant design is the consistent style of hermes scarves, a hermes scarves, production as a worthy collection of works of art, unique and charming. Hermes to poste will launch to hermes scarves for valentine's day stamps of inspiration, was welcomed by many women. 

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